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Why have the Poise moist wipes been taken off the market? And will a replacement become available?

Asked by Sharon about 3 years ago

Our expert answered:

Hello Sharon,
Poise Wipes have been discontinued due to Coles and Woolworths not wanting to stock the product anymore. There are no plans to launch a replacement at this stage.

The product is still available in some Coles and Pharmacy stores whilst stocks last.

Topic: Young women
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I just found these wipes and as they are individually wrapped were better to carry around than the ones in a packet. They were great when travelling on the plane and now I can't find them anywhere.

Eunice G. – almost 3 years ago

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Hello, my name is Deborah and I live in TEXAS. There is quite a variety of portable wipes individualy packaged and work very well to keep you fresh and comfortable. They are very discreet and affordable, a box of 16 individual packaged wipes cost about $2.50. Although they are not a Poise brand they work very well and I even carry them in my pocket and use whenever needed for a pick me up or for a refresher after a leakage. Any questions you can email me @ I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

Deborah B. – 3 months ago

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If you live in or are visiting TX you can find these individually wrapped wipes at any local HEB or Wally World (WM).

Deborah B. – 3 months ago

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