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Watch videos and read step by step instructions on pelvic floor exercises with Poise* Pilates.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions we recommend you obtain approval from your Doctor or healthcare professional before starting. Remember, always start your exercise program slowly, work within your own comfort zone and build as you go to lessen the risk of injury.

Each of the following exercise videos has been specifically designed to improve and enhance different areas of your pelvic floor muscles. These videos have clear step-by-step instruction from Jane as to how to correctly perform the movement so that you can give your pelvic floor muscles a full workout without too much strain on your body. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend trying each of the videos starting with the Introduction to Pelvic Floor Exercises and working your way through all 13 pelvic floor exercise videos. The exercises work best when done while engaging the pelvic floor (or ‘core’) muscles and should be incorporated into a regular exercise routine.

Video 00: Introduction to Pelvic Floor Exercises

An introduction to pelvic floor exercises and a demonstration on how to activate your pelvic floor muscles.

Video 01: Spinal Rotation Bladder Control Exercises

The Spinal Rotation Bladder Control exercise video will allow women of any age to build up their pelvic floor muscles.

Video 02: Core Stabiliser Female Abdominal Exercises

The Core Stabiliser exercise is designed to not only target the pelvic floor muscles but your core abdominal muscles as well.

Video 03: Side Leg Circles to Correct Bladder Problems

The Side Leg Circle exercise is particularly useful in combating the stress and urge variations of urinary incontinence.

Video 04: Rolling Knee Kegel Exercises

This is a guide to a basic Kegel exercise which will help ensure your pelvic floor muscles strengthen with practice.

Video 05: Push Up Post Natal Exercise

The Push Up Exercise is designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of women or mothers who have recently given birth.

Video 06: Bridging Exercise for Women during Menopause

The Bridging Exercise gently works the pelvic floor muscles of women experiencing menopause to prevent any loss of bladder control.

Video 07: Alternate Arm Pulses Exercise to Regain Bladder Control

The Alternate Arm Pulses Exercise helps your pelvic floor to cope with pressure, for example when you sneeze, cough or laugh.

Video 08: Side Stretch on Ball Pregnancy Exercises

The Side Stretch on a Ball was designed for women who want to build a routine around pelvic floor conditioning.

Video 09: Balancing for Pregnancy Bladder Control

This Balancing exercise helps reverse the negative effects that pregnancy may have had on bladder control.

Video 10: Reach to the Stars to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

The Reach to the Stars exercise is a gentle stretch that is used to condition and strengthen your core abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Video 11: Sideways Stretch Exercise for Prenatal Incontinence

This Sideways Stretch exercise can be easily performed by women of all ages and engages the pelvic floor for maximum effectiveness.

Video 12: Spinal Twist for Bladder Weakness

This Spinal Twist is a gentle exercise that will help improve muscle tone in the pelvic floor and help improve your control over your bladder.

Video 13: ACP 30 Days of Health and Wellbeing event

Poise was a Gold Sponsor of ACP’s 30 Days of Health and Wellbeing event during June 2011.