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  • Poise Light Liners

    Poise® Light Liners

    Ideal for lightest bladder leakage and great for everyday use especially when you have a cold or your allergies are playing up.

  • Poise Regular Liners

    Poise® Regular Liners

    For protection and confidence with light bladder leakage.

  • Poise Active Microliners

    Poise® Active Microliners

    Ideal for light protection for the odd drop during exercise or throughout the day.

  • Poise Extra Long Liners

    Poise® Extra Long Liners

    Ideal for when you need a longer liner particularly when you're playing sport or during exercise/fitness classes.

  • Poise Active Microliners Long

    Poise® Active Microliners Long

    Discreet beneath your exercise outfit and longer to keep you extra protected.

  • Poise Active Ultrathins Wings

    Poise® Active Ultrathins Wings

    Ideal for light bladder leakage and those moments when you need a little extra staying power.

  • Poise Regular Pads

    Poise® Regular Pads

    Ideal when light bladder leakage occurs at more regular intervals.

  • Poise Active Ultrathins

    Poise® Active Ultrathins Super

    Perfect for when exercise or strenuous activity causes a little extra leakage.

  • Poise Super Pads

    Poise® Super Pads

    When you're not able to reach the toilet fast enough, bladder leakage can be up to one cup at a time.

  • Poise Extra Pads

    Poise® Extra Pads

    For when you're not able to reach the toilet fast enough and the whole bladder contents might empty at one time.

  • Poise Extra Plus Pads

    Poise® Extra Plus Pads

    Ultimate protection for complete bladder leakage. Designed for women who require extra protection with an absorbency of 350 ml.

  • Poise Overnight Pads

    Poise® Overnight Pads

    The most absorbent Poise® Pad on the market, holding up to 500mls in a thin discreet pad format.

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