Children’s bedwetting information

It can take children time to go through the toilet training phase and it is not uncommon for children to regress.

With bedwetting, it can often take much longer to become dry at night, and many children and teenagers find themselves bedwetting again after a long period of dry nights.

The reasons for incontinence accidents and regression in children and teenagers are many and varied. But you and your child should feel able to discuss these matters with your doctor or health care professional, so you both can remain confident and self assured that incontinence can be managed.

While it can be difficult to remain focused and positive, Huggies® Pull Ups and Drynites®, offer both information and product solutions to support parents and encourage children with daytime or nighttime incontinence.

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DryNites® bedwetting information and the DryNites® Expert answers about bedwetters

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