Is this pregnancy related incontinence?

Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to pregnancy incontinence, and you may experience one or more of the several symptoms...

Nutrition and lifestyle tips for pregnant women

Keep up your fluids. It might seem annoying to go to the toilet every half hour, but concentrated urine can irritate the bladder and make things worse. However, don’t go to the toilet “just in case"...

Pregnancy - What happens after birth?

Pregnancy provides a range of new experiences and for about a third of women this can include light bladder leakage or pregnancy incontinence and this can sometimes continue once your new bundle ...

Why mothers?

Pushing your baby through the birth canal places all sorts of stretching pressures on most of your pelvic organs which can trigger bladder control loss. Some women seem to be able to withstand this stretching better than others.

Why pregnancy

Firstly during pregnancy, any soon-to-be mother's body requires more blood and nutrients than usual. This is why pregnant women have strange cravings. However, it also means you get thirsty, so d...

Fiona Falkiner: It's time women stopped suffering in silence

Model Fiona Falkiner shares her Poise Pledge journey and how addressing bladder leakage has changed her life

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