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Poise® offers expert protection to help keep you dry and comfortable.


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Five stars!

I found them to be comfortable to wear and provided me with the protection I needed to feel confident when out and about


Discreet all day protection

Discreet all day protection. The extra long length provides the perfect protection and all day comfort. They do not move around during the day so you are unaware that you are wearing one. They are very absorbent for minor leakage that keeps you and your underwear clean and fresh all day.


My review on Poise

They are a great product but these ones are too short, I have to use two, to lengthen them. I normally use the next one up, the Green logo packet.


Great coverage in a discreet pad

Poise Extra Pads are generous in size, with discreet packaging. I found they provided terrific coverage without bulkiness, in fact I forgot I was wearing a pad until I returned home after a day out.


Perfect pads for an active lifestyle

Poise® Ultrathins Super Light Pads are the most suitable pads I found yet. I've been testing them while running, exercising etc. They kept me dry, stayed in place, giving me the confidence and comfort I was seeking. I will definitely buy some more.