Bladder weakness

Bladder weakness can be a scary term for many people. It’s not always 100% clear what it is, after all it’s a very general description, and people can be unsure of the reasons it occurs and how it can be managed

LBL - A common problem

For some, the embarrassment of a leaky bladder—whether it’s a few drops escaping when they sneeze, cough or laugh out loud, a small trickle when they hear the tinkling of running water, or a tell-tale wet spot after gym or tennis...


When it comes to treating light bladder leakage, there are several medical professionals who can help you out. They include your GP, specialists such as urologists, gynaecologists and urogynaecologists, continence advisors and nurses as well as physio therapists specialising in pelvic floor muscles rehabilitation.

LBL Myths

There is such a stigma attached to loss of bladder control and the shame of it is that there is almost always something that can be done. It is not discussed openly among sufferers, and as a result there are a lot of myths surrounding the problem.

LBL Triggers

Poise asked a urologist trained in female urology and pelvic floor reconstructive surgery to answer questions about the different triggers that can cause light bladder leakage and how you can ove...

Regaining bladder control

Getting your bladder fit for everyday life is just like getting any other body part fit. It needs training, patience and repetition to improve.

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What you should know about light bladder leakage

It’s not a subject we find easy to share information about, as LBL is difficult to discuss. Fortunately, however, it is well understood by the medical professionals who provide effective treatment...