Bladder Leakage Quiz

Do you leak when you cough, sneeze or laugh? Do you sometimes have a sudden urge to pee? Do you have problems with urine retention? Are you experiencing urine leakage during pregnancy, after childbirth or in menopause?

Our Bladder Leakage Quiz is designed to assist you in understanding the nature of your bladder leakage. Please note this is not a diagnostic tool.

It is for anyone assigned female at birth and is currently experiencing bladder leakage, whether it be a small amount infrequently or a large amount often.

Gaining an understanding of your bladder leakage is an important first step towards managing and treating your condition effectively.

Take the first step!



Complete the quiz considering your symptoms in the last 4 weeks. If you have been acutely unwell or just had a baby in this time, consider your symptoms across the last 3 months.
Answer the questions as if you were completing your normal routine of activities and drinking a standard amount of fluid. Don’t count the days where you limit your fluid intake or avoid a certain activity due to fear of leaking.
No. This quiz is designed to give you general insights and information into your symptoms and the main types of urinary incontinence that exist. It is not comprehensive and does not replace a diagnosis or assessment from a health professional.
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